CPR Training Suite

CPR training suite consists of a set of apps on mobile devices and computer (web browser) in order to run the CPR training sessions almost "paperlesss".  Automation of the process and electronic record retention are the added advantages.  

There are six modules altogether:

  1. Registration module
  2. Learning Tools
  3. Theory Test 
  4. Practical Test
  5. Administration
  6. Records retention

These modules are explained further below.

 1. Registration Module

 Students are able to register online from a web page based on the session slots and availability.  Administrator has provision to upload the students list from an excel sheet (bulk upload).  In case payment is applicable to the trainee, integration to payment gateways is also included in this module.  

2. Learning Tools

 CPR Learning Tools Learning tools are implemented as mobile apps.  Students can install them on their mobile device and learn the training contents as well as practice with the simulator provided in the app. Note that the training contents are specific to the organization and Zoliotech does not own or claim to own the contents.  Practice questions are also available in the app.  


3. Theory Test

 Theory test is conducted online on mobile devices.  The questions get downloaded to students' devices in randomized order when they login and enter the test activation code.  Navigation to answer the questions is made easy.  Upon completion of the answering, students submit the answer to the server.  System immediately provides the pass/fail information.  After completing the theory tests, students proceed to the practical tests.    CPR Theory Test

4. Practical Test

 CPR Practical Test  Practical test module consists of checklists for assessment.  These checklists are available online and trainers/testers can access them from the web.  Each module ( Adult CPR, Infact CPR etc) has its own checklist.

5. Administrator module

Administrator manages overall execution of the CPR training sessions through the system.  Student registration, staff allocation, attendance, automatic generation of certificate are part of this administrator module.     CPR Training Administration

6. Records Retention

 Long time record retention in electronic form is the key advantage of digitalization of CRP trainings. Search for specific student who had passed in past sessiions, retrieval of their certificates (PDF file) etc are all take care by this module. Regular backing up of the data as well as Personal Data Protection are taken care within this module